Tuesday, July 18, 2017




“Wawayanda Three” walk free

"Power to the people" salute from Cromwell as he entered jail last Friday

GOSHEN – The three members of the Wawayanda Six, who went to jail rather than pay a $375 fine, were released Monday from the Orange County Jail with time served. They were sentenced to seven days in jail and reported for incarceration late Friday afternoon.

Pramilla Malick, Madeline Shaw and actor James Cromwell were placed in quarantine pending the results of a routine tuberculosis test.

Three others who were arrested over a year ago when they blocked the entrance to the CPV power plant in Wawayanda paid their fines.

Cromwell told Mid-Hudson News after his release on Monday that he will be back protesting outside the plant in an effort to save the planet.

“What we are trying to do by our silly little gesture of getting arrested and getting sentenced to three days in jail, we are trying to make the ordinary people see there is only one way to interface with the entrenched power of the ruling class and that is to oppose them with people power,” he said. “There is no interface between ordinary people and power. You must oppose these things with your body.”

Cromwell claims the use of fracked methane gas from Pennsylvania to fuel the CPV plant is just a means of getting the gas to Canada to be liquefied and sold internationally.  He contends global warming caused by power plants like CPV will destroy the planet.


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