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Burke High School announces athletic track rehabilitation initiative

GOSHEN (November 29) - John S. Burke Catholic High School announced its newest facility improvement initiative. The current athletic track will be repaired, repaved and rehabilitated with new, state-of-the-art materials by Spring 2018, increasing safety and conformity with Burke standards of excellence.

“Rehabilitating our athletic track is essential to the well-being of our students,” said Principal Dr. Albert Del Principio. “It solves the problem of safety issues caused by age and Mother Nature over the past few years and will be an enhancement for every student on campus while also providing an updated event venue for the community-at-large.”

The rehabilitation project will take approximately two weeks and will be completed by Copeland Coating of Albany. Projected cost of the completed project is $275,000, of which a substantial portion, $100,000 to date, has already been pledged by both the John S. Burke Catholic High School Foundation and general operating budget of the school. The remaining $175,000 will need to be raised through fundraising contributions and donations to the school.

Dr. Del Principio estimates that Burke Catholic will have raised enough funds to begin the track rehabilitation project in Spring of 2018. For additional information or to make a contribution, please visit the John S. Burke Catholic High School website at


(Front L-R) Sam Markovits and Matt Dillon ’87 (Back L-R) Jack McMahon ’53, Dana O’Neill ’91
and Frank Carrozza ’67
(photo by Steve Hedderton)

Colt Athletic Hall of Fame celebrates Class OF 2016

MIDDLETOWN (November 15) - SUNY Orange’s Colt Athletic Hall of Fame welcomed the five-member Class of 2016 during a breakfast ceremony Saturday morning (Nov. 12) at Kuhl’s Highland House in Middletown.

The five members of the Colt Athletic Hall of Fame’s fifth induction class are Frank Carrozza ’67, Matt Dillon ’87, Sam Markovits, Jack McMahon and Dana O’Neill ’91. This year’s quintet represented the sports of wrestling, baseball, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, softball, men’s tennis, women’s tennis and women’s volleyball.

Markovits coached men’s tennis (30 seasons) and women’s tennis (25 seasons); Dillon was a standout basketball player (1,000-point scorer) who also competed in baseball; McMahon competed in soccer but was inducted for his lifetime of service to the College as a student, administrator and Trustee;  O’Neill was a standout in basketball, volleyball and softball; and Carrozza was two-time regional winner in wrestling.


Culinary student Darrel Brodhead of Kingston High School serves soup to Health Occupations
Exploration students Molly Erichsen (first in line) of Highland High School and
Jessie Whitaker (second) of Saugerties High School. 


Culinary students highlight healthy eating for kids

ESOPUS (October 18) - Ulster BOCES Culinary seniors held an informational demonstration and food tasting in honor of Childhood Nutrition Day, Monday, October 17. The students spoke about eating nutritionally balanced diets and about the positive impacts of eating healthy.

Students from other programs, along with instructors and staff, were invited to sample home​m​ade​ vegetable and​ cream of spinach soup​s​, apple walnut muffins, and carrot ​apple cider ​juice.


Ulster Community College Foundation fall scholarship and college scholars recognition ceremony

STONE RIDGE (October 4) - The Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc. Fall Scholarship and College Scholar Recognition Ceremony was held on September 14 at the Stone Ridge Campus.  Awards were made to 90 students including 22 first and second year 2016-2017 College Scholars. “The College Scholars program is designed to keep our brightest students right here at SUNY Ulster.  Students who graduate in June from an Ulster County High School with grades that placed them in the top ten percent of their class attend SUNY Ulster tuition free after Financial Aid and other supporting scholarships are applied,” stated executive director, Lorraine Salmon.   

Lorraine Salmon also announced five new scholarship initiatives launched by the Foundation in 2016.  The first SUNY Ulster Academic Merit Scholarships were given to Kylie Kershaw and Lauren Zielke; Former marine Jospeh Skipp was awarded the Kingston Sunrise Rotary Veterans’ Scholarship; Criminal Justice major and wrestler Dominick Massaro was awarded the George Divine Future of New Paltz Scholarship; and nine additional SUNY Ulster student athletes were awarded the first SUNY Ulster Athletic Advancement Scholarships.  The ceremony concluded with the presentation of scholarship award certificates to six Rondout Valley Central School District ninth graders who received the SUNY Ulster President’s Challenge Scholarship to attend SUNY Ulster in 2020. The high school students’ families and Rondout Valley Central School District Superintendent Rosario Agostaro and other administrators were in attendance.  Donors Laurel Sweeney of the Foundation Board and Tim Sweeney, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said the event was “One of the best days of 2016. We are proud to support the President's Challenge Scholarship.”

The event had an audience of more than 90 attendees comprised of the recipients’ family and friends, scholarship donors and representatives, members of the College’s trustees, faculty and administration, and members of the Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors.

The awards were presented by Dr. Alan Roberts, president of SUNY Ulster, Anita Peck, chair of the Foundation’s board of directors, Lorraine Salmon, Foundation executive director, and Sheila Dvorak Galione, Foundation development associate and scholarship coordinator. 

 Since its inception in 1976, the Ulster Community College Foundation Inc. has awarded nearly four million dollars in scholarships to over 6,000 students.





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