Hudson Valley Police Blotter

A compliation of police activity as reported to us by local law enforcement.

Persons named on this page are presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law.

If you see criminal activity, call 911 or your local police. If you think you see a suspect listed on this, or other police website, , or send an e-mail to:

Do NOT attempt to apprehend any criminal suspects yourself!

Also, let us know, at:


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Rockland County Sheriff Office
Most Wanted








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Information on this page is updated weekly;
however, not all police departments provide weekly information.


Columbia County Sheriff

Town of Chester Police

Cortlandt State Police  (Link to external page)

Dutchess County Sheriff

Town of Deerpark

Town of Fallsburg

Village of Greenwood Lake    

Hyde Park

City of Hudson

Town of Lloyd Police

Town of Marlborough Police

Town of New Paltz Police

Town of Stony Point

Town of Ulster

Ulster County Sheriff

Village of Walden Police