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Hudson anchorage comment deadline

The comment deadline is December 6th for informing the Coast Guard that you are opposed to 172 million gallons of crude oil stored on barges anchored between Poughkeepsie and Yonkers on the Hudson River.  Obviously, 43 additional barges in such a small area increases the potential for accidents of major proportion aside from being an ugly addition to our beautiful river.

If you use water and enjoy our scenic and historic river, you should agree with the NYS Realtors Association who oppose this addition. (Go to regulations.gov and search "anchorage grounds."  Comment space will quickly appear.)

Sharon Stonekey
(December 2)


Brabanec thanks voters

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the huge turnout and incredible amount of support for my re-election to the New York State Assembly. Unofficial results show that I received over 27,000 votes district-wide--approximately 8,500 votes more than my opponent. These results represent a massive victory for our district and certainly a vote of confidence for the policies we have advocated for.

I promise to always fight for you in Albany.  We are in need of serious reform here in New York State.  We need to find ways to reduce our property taxes in an effort to keep our residents in our great state.  I will continue to push for a vote on a bill I introduced which aims to reduce property taxes by 75%.  In conjunction with lower property taxes, we need to work to foster a more business friendly environment statewide. Useless regulations need to be rolled back and a reduction in business taxes are essential for business development and expansion.

I will push for the passage of the "Blue Lives Matter" Bill to increase penalties on offenders who assault police officers or other first responders.  I will continue to fight for serious ethics reform proposals and for the repeal of Common Core.  And most importantly, I will continue to fight to create a better quality of life for the hard-working members of the middle-class, our veterans, our farmers, our seniors, and our youth.

To those who didn't vote for me, I hope that you will keep an open mind and give me a chance. You will see that I always keep an open mind and that I examine all the facts before making a decision. I am available to help you with any issues.

It is the greatest honor of my life to serve as your New York State Assemblyman.  I am optimistic for the future of our state and our country and I will work my hardest each and every day to pass legislation that will make New York the Empire State once again!

Once again, thank you!

Karl A. Brabenec
New York State Assemblyman - 98th District
(November 12)



We encourage submission of diverse opinions, but reserve the right to reject any content that we deem to be potentially libelous or slanderous, or in our opinion, clearly in violation of prevailing community standards of good taste.

Letters must be submitted directly by the author and include the author's hometown (published) and phone number (NOT published). 

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We do NOT accept:

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  • Attacks on personal integrity
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