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Deadline for letters for or against candidates in the September 13 primary is


Krystal Serrano  for Assembly – The Best Choice

On Sept. 13, 2016 there will be an important Primary Election for the Democratic Party and other party lines.  It is vital that all registered voters in the Democratic and Women’s Equality Parties come out and vote for Krystal Serrano, who is much better qualified than any other candidate, and will provide the leadership in the Assembly 98th District to fight for many improvements that will benefit all residents.

Krystal has worked with local police depts., has been recognized by the Assembly and Senate as an outstanding Advocate, one of the “25 Most Influential Women”, and for securing job growth in the community, has partnered with the Jewish Community Relations Council of NY, the US Census Bureau, Health-First and Health-Start community education programs, the NAACP in community services, and “Stop the Violence – Save the Children” programs.

Krystal also has substantial experience in developing annual budgets for health care organizations, executing new marketing strategies, supervising large loan programs within those organizations, and analyzing cost projections. She has a long track record in working with government agencies and providing guidance to elected officials in the delivery of education and healthcare services to their communities.

No other candidate has the skills and experience that Krystal brings to this elected position. She deserves our support, and will work tirelessly for all our citizens and communities.  Vote for KRYSTAL SERRANO on September 13.
John F. Austin
Port Jervis
(August 29)


Woodbury Democratic Committee endorses candidates

Special interests are trying to take control of your local Woodbury Democratic Committee.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that their sudden interest in committee work is based on genuine concern for the Democratic Party. The record says otherwise. The plan to hijack the Democratic Committee is comprised of people who in the past have neglected, or outright refused, to support Democratic committee events or help elect our Democratic candidates. Some have only recently enrolled in the Party. 

Over the summer, a small group initiated a stealth campaign to get their names on the ballot and force a primary. If they succeed, they will take over the Woodbury Committee by dislodging endorsed candidates who have been loyal volunteers who worked hard to support all Democratic candidates.  This plan is similar to tactics we’re seeing in political races around us in that it depends on voter confusion to work.

If you are a Woodbury Democrat don’t let this happen! On September 13, there will be a Democratic primary election in Woodbury. Your vote can stop this raid on the committee.

You  will be able to elect legitimately endorsed Democratic committee candidates in 6 contested local districts.  This will enable the Woodbury Committee to retain a team dedicated to electing Democrats to all levels of government. In a primary like this a few votes can make the difference, so vote.  The outcome will have real implications for November when we need to re-elect Assemblyman James Skoufis, defeat Senator Bill Larkin, send a Democrat to Congress, the White House, and elect Democratic judges.

It is essential that you vote ONLY for the endorsed candidates sanctioned by Democratic committee.  This year is too important to allow special interests to fracture the Democratic Party here in Woodbury or anywhere else.

Endorsed by the Woodbury Democratic Committee:
District 3: Mary Onken & Paul Ellis-Graham
District 4: Susan Brander & Betty Evans
District 5: Grace Gerard/Bernard Gerard Jr
District 6: James Freiband & Leighton Carter* (you will have to write Leighton Carter’s name in)
District 7: Juana Leandry Torres & Mustafa Cinar
District 8: Douglas Page & Robert E. Curtis (you will have to write Robert E. Curtis’ name in)

Willa Freiband
Town of Woodbury Democratic Committee Chair
(August 29)


Ashamed of Bonacic

How pathetic, undemocratic and disappointing? John Bonacic, a Republican State Senator for 18 years and Assemblyman before that; a man who has mostly run uncontested races and reportedly amassed over $6 million in assets; whose name is on four ballot lines, most, if not all of which, he controls, and who has a special interest war chest of $700,000 or more, trying to prevent the endorsed Democratic challenger from being on the ballot by deceptively misleading elderly and disabled Democratic absentee voters, asking them to write-in his name on blank Democratic Ballots for the Democratic Primary on September 13th, while not disclosing that he is a Republican. 

This is unnerving.  Obviously, fear and anxiety are driving this dirty deed; the thought that he is so vulnerable that a female Democratic rival might win and cause him to retire must have rattled his cage. 

I am ashamed of Bonacic for this sneaky act and angry that he and his campaign staff have the audacity to try to deprive voters of a choice, of a debate of the issues.  This is something his buddy, Trump, might do.  It’s called gutter politics. 

Maybe Bonacic should be worried.  His challenger, Pramilla Malick, a strong American woman, mother, environmental and political activist, is willing and ready to fight against pay to play and the 47% pay raise proposed for lawmakers; and, for ethics and fair election reform, for 21st century education, a healthy and safe environment, clean renewable energy, well-paying “green” jobs and more. 

Randy Hurst
Slate Hill
(August 18)



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