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VC school district needs a stronger 'NO'

     Valley Central's 2018-19 revised school budget does not provide the tax relief district residents need. It's minor spending reductions fall short. We want community input to have a part in meaningful budget revisions. At the May 29 school board meeting I was hopeful community input would be impactful and a compromise could be reached. 

    The school board agreed with the administration. It rejected our recommendations. We asked  the bulk of the excess fund balance reduce the tax levy; remove two new positions, whose duties can be performed by existing personnel; an unnecessary expense costing the taxpayers dearly;  the minor spending reductions remain.

     Our recommendations save the taxpayers $1,118,862 dollars producing a fair budget with a  responsible 2.2% tax levy. Our proposals do not jeopardize student education. We believed this was a worthy compromise.

      The budget was adopted 6 to 1, with no board discussion !   The budget vote was a foregone conclusion; a snub to district residents ! 

     Look at the numbers. The original budget defeated May 15: total spending $104,203,711 dollars, tax levy 4.09%. The revised budget for June 19: total spending $104,023,293 dollars, tax levy 3.11%.  A $180,418 dollar total spending reduction with a tax levy reduction of less than 1 percent from the defeated budget is not a compromise !
      The Xanthis administration and the board ignored our strong 991 budget 'NO' votes message that a bloated bureaucratic budget with over-the-top spending will not be tolerated. Vote 'NO' again and to the others, join our ranks to send a stronger message on June 19 !

John Lown
(June 13)


Make driver licenses available to all

I urge all New Yorkers to support and demand passage of legislation that provides equal access to driver’s licenses for all residents of New York State, regardless of immigration status.   It’s a matter of public safety.

Public safety would be improved by:  establishing a driver’s identity and driving record to police officers, safer routine traffic stops, better cooperation/relationships with police, and better and safer drivers.

The current bills pending in the NYS Assembly and Senate would create a limited use license that would allow people to drive legally.  This license could not to be used to: board an airplane, apply for government benefits, vote, or work in the U.S. legally.

New York should join twelve states and the District of Columbia in passing similar legislation to allow undocumented residents the opportunity to be tested, trained, licensed and insured. New Mexico, Washington and Utah - states with the longest implementation of similar laws - have seen a reduction in accidents that involved unlicensed drivers.  Utah has seen undocumented immigrants get insurance almost at the same rate as those with regular licenses.  California has seen a significant decrease in hit and run accidents.

Driver’s licenses for all New Yorkers makes all New Yorkers safer.

Mary Cronin
SJ & Immigration Committee
CCoHOPE Indivisible
(June 13)


Supports Flynn

June 26, 2018 is Democratic primary day in NY 19 Congressional District. Seven candidates are running to replace John Faso, nicknamed “No Show” because of Faso’s unwillingness to meet his constituents in open Town Halls.

Any one of these candidates would serve this district better than Faso has.

Brian Flynn is my choice.

These times demand tested skills. Flynn at 19 lost his older brother in the Lockerbie plane bombing. For over 20 years, Flynn and other mourners made their way through several different administrations and Congresses to help produce the Iran/Libya Sanctions bill, to tighten plane security, and to bring one of the Lockerbie terrorists to justice. Flynn knows how to get legislation passed.

A businessman, Brian Flynn created over 400 well paying blue-collar jobs. Valuing hands-on skills, Flynn wants to help our public schools produce graduates educated in varied ways, including apprenticeships, so that all citizens can earn a living wage. Flynn believes workers need the protection of unions and shows this by having the only unionized campaign staff.

Brian Flynn wants every citizen to have access to affordable, quality health care and knows that Medicare for All will have a large enough pool of insured to make such health care possible.

Flynn is determined to fund Planned Parenthood and ensure that women control their reproductive health.

Flynn has refused to take money from corporate PACS or any officials related to the oil industry. He wants clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet.

Vote-- Win-with-Flynn. I’m in!

Anne McCabe
May 17



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