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Supports Yandik

I will vote for Will Yandik for Congress in the June 28 primary.
In several forums and appearances I attended, Mr. Yandik has shown a
clear grasp of the issues concerning the 19th Congressional District, which
should not come as a surprise since this is where he grew up.  If speech
is index of the mind, Will Yandik exhibits acute intelligence.  His support
of major principles of the Democratic Party is not disputed.  His experience
and accomplishments as an elected Democratic official in an otherwise Re-
publican environment gives hope that partisan demonization just might cede
to workable solutions to the nation's problems.

Part of a Congressman's job is constituent services.  Very often, it is your Representative
whom you first contact with snags you might encounter with, say, Social Security or Medi-
care, or with policy issues you might have with, say, the F.A.A. or other federal agencies.
To hear Will Yandik speak of the importance of this important role for a Congressman
will give anyone confidence that he will hire effective staff to address needs and concerns
of his constituents.

Will Yandik is the best choice in the June 28 Democratic Primary.

Jeremy Wilber
(June 23)


To fellow Democrats:

I recently learned that Sharon Graff, who was endorsed at the Ulster County Democratic Convention, is not an enrolled Democrat.  Graff registered as a Democrat for the first time ever in mid-October, 2015. She can’t even vote for herself in the Democratic Primary in September. 

I am outraged that our party is supporting Graff instead of lifelong, committed Democrat, Sara McGinty. How could this have happened in our Democratic Party? 

Is it fair to fellow Democrats to ask them to sign the petitions (currently being circulated) which endorse Graff’s candidacy when she is not even an enrolled Democrat ?

Rose Unes
(June 23)


A letter to the citizens of Monroe

I am proud to be your County Legislator.  Three years ago you re-elected me by a large margin to serve as the County Legislator representing Legislative District #7, which is all the citizens of The Village of Monroe and the UnincorporatedAreas of Monroe.  I do so regardless of your party, or whether you supported me, or in fact whether you voted at all.

Last week the Orange County Democratic Party reprimanded me for acting to put our shared interests before those of party.  Unequivocally in the best interests of you, my constituency,  I would take those actions again without hesitation.  In a choice between your interests and the desires of political party, I always will choose you and act in accordance with my understanding of what is right.

For as long as I am your County Legislator, be assured that I will not be intimidated by political pressure or concerns about my standing in the political process. My duty is to represent you and act in your behalf.  I will continue to do that with dignity, diligently, conscientiously, and honestly.

Myrna Kemnitz
Orange County Legislator
District #7
(June 23)


Supports Yandik 

The congressional primary on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, is where all NY-19 Democrats will make the critical decision as to the candidate they want to see on the ballot in the General Election in November, 2016, and from there elected to work for us in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have spent significant time listening to both candidates, and to me, Will Yandik is clearly the best choice.

Will is the Democratic candidate that was born and raised in this district. He understands us and our needs. He talks in detail about the demographics of our district and has well thought out ideas for ways to not only work national issues, but also to help us. He is the Democratic candidate with experience governing, having won election and re-election to the town board in his heavily Republican town. He has proven he can work together with his colleagues, regardless of party, and get progressive goals accomplished. He is the candidate that talks not only about what he is for and what he opposes, but can also articulate the key steps in making progress and how he would proceed. Plus he is well rounded as a successful farmer, teacher, and journalist.

We need a candidate that is one of us, knows us, cares, and knows how to make the right things happen. This is why we need Will Yandik!

Please join me in voting for Will Yandik in the Federal Primary on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, with the polls open from noon to 9:00 pm. And please encourage others to do so as well.

Laura Ricci
Chair of the Woodstock Democratic Committee 
(June 23)


Schmitt for Assembly

I have seen a lot in my time. I traveled the world during honorable wartime service with the Navy. I have raised a family. I have done all I can do to live the American dream and give back to my community.

Taking care of your family, community and country is something that we need more of these days. An honest passion to make things better for those around you. That is what I see in Colin Schmitt.

I have known Colin for many years as a neighbor of mine in New Windsor and now as a fellow member of the Armed Forces and local veterans organizations.

Colin Schmitt is running for New York State Assembly. I have seen his work and dedication up close and personal. He breaks away from the standard glossy mailer and scripted talking point. He goes out and touches people where they are. Whether it is working a local parade route to meet as many people as possible or going door-to-door, Colin is in tuned with all of us because he is one of us and he listens.

I support Colin and urge all my fellow veterans and neighbors to do the same. Colin is running an honorable campaign, one focused our values and our community.

Thank you Colin.

Jim McGuiness
New Windsor
(June 3)



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