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Antonio, Jen, and Juan will Change Our Nation’s Path

I write to express my deep appreciation to the voters of our region who made a statement that has been heard around the world.

For for the first time in the history of NY Congressional District 19, going back to the creation of this district in 2012, a Democrat will represent us in the House of Representative in Washington, DC. That Democrat is Harvard-educated Antonio Delgado. I have known Antonio for well over a year and can honestly say that he’s one of the most hard-working, brightest, and most community-oriented people I have ever known. Antonio is going to figure out what needs to be addressed for the good of the people. And then he’s going to get it done.

The people of New York Senate District 42 have spoken and they have chosen a truly progressive and accomplished leader in Jen Metzger. The election of Jen is part of a broader outcome: The shifting of the New York State Senate to having a genuinely progressive and Democratic majority. This is a game changer. With Jen in office, we can expect groundbreaking advances when it comes to such things as public higher education, environmental protection, and healthcare. Jen epitomizes what the phrase “by the people, for the people” represents.

And for the first time in the history of Ulster County, someone from the town of Plattekill is going to represent us at the highest level of office in terms of county law enforcement. I have spent hours knocking on doors with Juan Figueroa over the past two election cycles. The reason that Juan comes across as brave, honest, and genuine is this: Juan is brave, honest, and genuine. In Juan, we can fully expect a representative who will crack down on corruption and who will stand for the foundational principles of the United States.

Antonio, Jen, and Juan are the real deal. And we all know it.

Please accept my deep appreciation to these brave compatriots for standing for public office during a dark time in our nation’s history.

Yes we can. And yes we did.

Here is to our shared future.

Glenn Geher
New Paltz
November 8



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