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The Right Choice is Christine Stage for Family Court Judge

This past June we invited Republican friends to our home to introduce them to Christine Stage, a Democrat running for Family Court Judge.  We did that because in our humble opinion the party does not make this position … the person does.  We’ve known Christine for 35 years and we’ve never met anyone more passionate in helping families in tough situations.  Christine’s list of achievements and volunteer service are endless.  In her current roll as Assistant Orange County Attorney for the Department of Social Services, she’s handled countless cases of child abuse, neglect, and custody situations.  So when it’s time to vote (and PLEASE vote!) We ask our Republican peers to consider not towing the party line for Family Court Judge but instead vote for the person that will do the best job helping families in need … Christine Stage.

Stu & Cal Durland
Sugar Loaf
(October 26)


Supports Bernardo

Ulster County is a community of diversity and importance to the Hudson Valley and to the state as a whole.

Ulster County serves as a major economic hub for manufacturing, retail sales and tourism, home to many educational facilities including SUNY New Paltz and Ulster County Community College, as well as a center for health and allied health care through its network of significant regional hospitals and other providers.

Serving Ulster County requires a clear understanding of each contributing sector and the ability to meet the challenges associated with keeping each aspect healthy . Leaders must therefore be able to effectively create jobs in the region, maintain these jobs, support and advocate for education and health care, and control property taxes.

Terry Bernardo understands these priorities and challenges and has made a clear, and sincere commitment to respond to these priorities and challenges with energy, collaboration, and creativity. As a County Legislator and Chair of the Ulster County Legislature, Terry has developed a realistic view of the work that needs to be done and has established a rapport and positive working relationship with many of the partners who need to be at the table in order to move the County forward.

It is Terry’s experience and knowledge coupled with her great love for community and her passion for public service that defines her as a public servant and outstanding candidate for Ulster County Executive.

I am confident through my experiences with Terry Bernardo that she is prepared and ready to serve all of Ulster County – It’s businesses – schools– hospitals –and most importantly, its people.

On November 3rd, please join me in supporting Terry Bernardo for Ulster County Executive.

Peter D. Lopez
Assemblyman, 102nd AD
(October 26)


Exercise Your Right to Vote

I urge all the residents of Orange County to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.  Local elections are very important since decisions and policies implemented by elected officials affect us directly.

Please do your research on what the candidates stand for and their qualifications.  Many candidates are using fear and misinformation to scare you into voting for them instead of providing solutions to problems.  Other candidates are running positive campaigns and addressing the issues.  Which candidates do you prefer?

Unfortunately, some voters might receive last-minute anonymous negative literature filled with misinformation.  If someone will not put their name to this kind of mailer, then it doesn’t deserve our attention.  It should be put to good use – drop it in the shredder.

Vote on November 3, 2015!

Sonia Ayala
Town of Blooming Grove
(October 26)


Experience and Compassion Should Get the Vote.

 On November 3rd, you will have the privilege to vote for Family Court Judge.  What attributes would you want this candidate to command?  Your decision carries with it a powerful influence that impacts families and primarily that the interests of children are protected.  Christine Stage has been living that conviction for the last thirty years in her position in the Abuse/Neglect unit in Orange County.   As the county’s attorney, she brings a perspective that only experience can provide.  Beyond the experience, Chris’ genuine caring nature is the essence of her personality.  Coupled with her vast knowledge, these attributes will provide a sound foundation her for her to apply the law with intelligence and compassion.  Isn’t this what we want from a family court judge?  Our decision for this office on Election Day should not be driven by party affiliation.  My vote has no political attachment, but rests completely with the individual’s ability to perform.  Please join me in voting for Christine Stage for Family Court Judge.  In her words, ”I will continue the emphasis on putting children first.”
Susan E. Toner
Campbell Hall
(October 23)


Opportunity Park

I was delighted and excited to hear about the plans to build Opportunity Park.  This park will definitely benefit all the children of the town but more importantly it will offer a place for children with special needs. Too often I am saddened at the thought that most parents can just take their kids to the park to play, but the parents with children who have special needs have no place to go. Should they not be afforded the same courtesy? Opportunity Park will provide those families with a dedicated space to meet those children’s needs in a safe environment.  Mr. Paul Jonke who is on the board of directors for Hudson Valley Cerebral Palsy Association, along with Councilman Edwin Alvarez has been an integral part and driving force behind the scenes in procuring funds for this private venture.  HVCPA enlisted the help of the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and Mr. Jonke has met with Cal Ripken Jr. and his team to make the dream of an inclusive park a reality. Completion of the project is slated for 2016.  Both Paul and Edwin deserve an honorable mention for all they do to serve the community. We need good men such as Paul Jonke and Councilman Edwin Alvarez to continue to serve our town, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse them and will be voting for them to be on the Town Board on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.  I encourage you to do the same please, support and vote for them. Thank you.

Marie Ford
Special Educator
(October 23)


Vote judiciously

Of all the elected positions in government that require competence, compassion, neutrality, and most importantly experience, it is that of a judge. This is especially true for a Family Court Judge because of the main interest and welfare of the child, and the complex dynamics of family.

In Orange County, there are two positions open for Family Court Judge. After examining the years of service and experience of all candidates seeking the position there are two candidates that stand out hands down above the rest. They are Christine Stage and Maria Patrizio.

Check their websites and work history to get a full understanding of how qualified Christine Stage and Maria Patrizio are for Family Court Judge.  Vote for the best people for such an important position. Children and families deserve nothing less.

Ernesto Tirado
(October 23)


Why Christine Stage is the right choice for Family Court Judge

Some elections aren't about party lines...

Even a lifelong Republican can find his way to the other side when it comes to kids and families. I certainly consider myself a loyal Republican and share the party ideals, but there are times when the cause is bigger than party, and this year's race for Family Court Judge is one of them.

I am calling for fellow Orange County Republicans to go into the booth this year with their eyes on the children of Orange County and vote Christine Stage for Family Court Judge and know that it isn't treason. It isn't about conservative or liberal, it's about facts and numbers.

Christine Stage has 30-plus years working in Family Court every day making her the most experienced candidate. This is the right kind of experience that matters for this race and is unmatched by any other candidate. Think about the families of Orange County, families that are one of our party's dearest values, and vote for Christine Stage.

Roger McKelvey
(October 23)


Supports “One” Montgomery slate

On Election Day this year the residents of the Town of Montgomery will have the opportunity to better the community that they live and work in. The slate of “ONE” Montgomery with Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy as candidate for Town Supervisor, former Walden Mayor Becky Pearson, and Montgomery Chamber of Commerce President John Kidd both running for Town Council posts, is as good as one could possibly hope for. This group of candidates has the necessary experience in administering local government, and has shown that they can balance the interests of residents and business’ alike.

John Kidd is a successful local business owner with a degree in business administration. Becky Pearson currently serves as Chairperson on Walden’s Zoning Board, and as Mayor was skillful and persistent enough to acquire grant money for infrastructure improvements. Dennis Leahy has shown he can efficiently manage construction projects, has improved recreation programs and local parks, and encouraged economic development, all while being resourceful enough to put forward budgets that are fiscally responsible.

While their resumes speak for themselves, what really sets this team apart is their ability to work with elected officials regardless of political party in order to get the job done. That is why this diverse group has received a vast array of support stretching across party lines, and includes labor, business and community leaders. Let’s do what’s best for the Town and make “ONE” Mongomery!

Dan Kozak
Town of Newburgh
(October 23)


Supports Kennedy

Recently, I received a flyer in the mail from the campaign office of Jonathan Jacobson. In the text, he stated, along with a picture of him standing next to Hillary Clinton, that he would not need to wear a name tag when visiting Albany, implying that Mayor Kennedy lacks such "clout".

Photo ops with politicians are a dime as dozen and in his office as chairman of the local and county Democratic Committees it would not have been unusual to have a photo taken with a New York politician.

Voters in Newburgh should know very well that Mayor Judy Kennedy needs no name tag or introduction when she visits Albany. During her entire tenure as mayor, she has visited the capital on numerous occasions working hard for Newburgh and its improvement. I think her record speaks for itself and her accomplishments put those of Mr. Jacobson, while serving as Democratic chairman, to shame.  Has Mr. Jacobson been seen much in Newburgh? At city council meetings, yes, but then his responses have most often been either negative or incorrect as when he made clearly incorrect references to the new zoning laws. He should have been better informed.

Let the record speak for itself and let us hope that the city of Newburgh voters are sensible enough to reelect our incumbent mayor, Judy Kennedy.

Yaakov Sullivan
(October 13)


Supports Stage

I am writing this letter in support of the candidacy of Christine Stage for Orange County Family Court Judge.  In choosing the best candidate for this position, there should no substitute for experience.  For thirty-one years, Chis has been a staff attorney at the Orange County Attorney’s Office representing the Orange County Department of Social Services in all capacities.  For most of her career, Chris has prosecuted child abuse and neglect cases in Orange County Family Court.  As such she has dedicated her career to protecting the interests of our county’s most vulnerable victims, its children.  However, her experience in Family Court practice does end there.  Rather, Chris has also handled every imaginable case which Family Court presides over, including Child Support matters, the prosecution and placement of Persons in Need of Supervision and Juvenile Delinquency matters, Custody cases and Order of Protection cases.  Her vast experience clearly makes her the most qualified candidate for Family Court Judge.  I have personally worked with Chris for five years and have observed her compassion in handling very difficult and emotionally charged cases.  Given her 31 years of experience in Family Court, she is the obvious choice to be the next Orange County Family Court Judge.

Tammie Johnson
(October 13)


Supports Amparo

With elections just around the corner, I hope the community can really see who is here to help them, especially when they need it.  That person is none other than Dutchess County Legislator Francena Amparo. I am so happy that she has decided to continue to be the voice of the Town of Wappinger and Village of Wappingers Falls by running for a third term. Francena is not only a legislator that listens but she actively responds to the very important needs of the people.

As a volunteer for Legislator Amparo, it is clear that Francena has done wonderful things for the community. Every year she organizes a Health and Wellness Fair for all the members of the County. It’s a time to promote physical, mental and emotional health within the community. This past summer she also held the third annual school supplies giveaway drive in order to help families in need prepare for the upcoming school year. The county needs someone that is so deeply concerned about our health and over all well-being as much as she is.

The Town of Wappinger and Village of Wappingers Falls could use someone as dedicated and hard working as Francena Amparo.  We must re-elect Legislator Amparo because after two terms, she still has more to do. With a track record like hers, there’s no doubt that there are more great things to come from her.

Kishara Sonlin
(October 13)


Supports Tyner

Joel Tyner needs to be re-elected to  the Dutchess County   Legislature.  He is one of the only   truly progressive Democrats in   the county legislature and he consistently and courageously speaks out  in support of open government, fiscal responsibility, and fairness for all.  Legislator Joel Tyner  has fought tirelessly against the corrupting effect of large campaign contributions  coming   from outside the county to influence local candidates and elections.  

He vigorously opposes crony politics and closed door deals that hurt   middle class taxpayers.   Joel Tyner is truly a voice for local   businesses, working people struggling to get by, and just plain folks who don't have big bucks to contribute  or have big influence with the politicians.  If you are fed up with corrupt politicians and greedy corporations ruining our world and our lives, you need to vote for Tyner.  If you are tired of TV telling you things are great when you can’t make ends meet, you need to vote for Joel Tyner.  He is the only candidate who will stand up for the 99% - that’s you and me.  Please come out and vote on November 3  to enable  Joel Tyner's voice to continue to speak truth to power.

Eli Kassirer
(October 9)


Putnam County Golf Course

I have been a resident of Mahopac since 2005. My wife lived here most of her life and we have two daughters, Isabella and Grace, who attend Austin Road School.

I wanted to take a moment and thank County Executive MaryEllen Odell for all of her hard work and support in revitalizing Putnam County Golf Course. It’s good to see our tax dollars working to renovate aspects of our community that make living in Mahopac special.

From the complete overhaul of the parking lot to all the improvements in and around the golf course, I decided to take advantage of the full season membership and have absolutely no regrets. It was a fantastic year playing golf at Putnam County Golf Course.

But the real reason for my letter is to thank her for supporting Putnam County Golf Course as a center for community events. It is a pleasure to see the hundreds of Mahopac residents who come and support the golf course for Friday night dinner events during the summer. At one event, there must have been over 1,100 people who attended. I can’t tell you how many of my friends and family talk about the Friday Night dinners at the golf course and most importantly, most of them are NON-golfers.

At the same time, I will be attending the United Way’s Putnam County’s Best Chefs and Fine Wines on September 21 as a representative of M&T Bank. This is just one more example of how her support to renovate the catering facility at the golf course draws business to our community.

Keep up the great work and thank you for supporting what’s most important about Mahopac and Putnam County, the people.

Michael Picciano
(October 5)


Too many prisoners

A remarkable thing has happened. Even Republican presidential candidates are now talking about the obscene number of America citizens in jail. We have by far the largest prison population, and the second highest incarceration rate in the world (behind Seychelles, a tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean).

Not only that, there is a grudging acknowledgement by both major parties that America locks up mostly people of color. It starts with inner city schools using the criminal justice system for minor student offenses. Then there is the stop and frisk policies that depend again on skin color. Drug offenses play a major role as well, with sentences for Blacks much higher than for Whites.

Sadly, this national awakening has not yet come to Dutchess, where our county government is pushing for a new 200 million dollar jail to house even more inmates. Dutchess has suffered for a long time under a regressive Republican machine, one that can't even bring itself to pass a law forbidding the tens of thousands of dollars in donations that come from contractors doing business with the county. Sadly, the new jail may be just a way to pay some of these contractors off for their outrageous gifts.

We need reformers like Joel Tyner in the legislature. He has been fighting to end contractor donations, and to shrink our prison population. But we also need other candidates who will challenge the Republican machine, so out of step with the emerging consensus against excessive incarceration rates.

Fred Nagel
(September 23)


Stage for Family Court Judge

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Asst District Attorney, Christine Stage, for over 10 years, while I was a caseworker in the Children’s Services division of the Dept of Social Services.  As a skillful and caring attorney, Ms. Stage showed a strong grasp of the laws used in Family Court, a clear understanding of the psycho-social dynamics within families, and was able to achieve a balance of these qualities in finding solutions within troubled families, that helped protect the children while enabling parents to correct their behaviors. She knew when to be firm, and when to give parents and children a second chance.

Christine Stage has the necessary combination of experience, skills, and thoughtful temperament, to serve effectively as Family Court Judge, and has my full support and Vote.

John F. Austin
(August 31)


Former chief clerk supports Victoria B. Campbell, best candidate for OC Family Court Judge

I support Victoria B Campbell because of my experience of working with her in the City Court of Port Jervis  in my years of Chief Clerk I worked with her as a lawyer when she was having her children. She never missed a beat. She had the baby and was right back to court, fair, honest, and hardworking as ever. Of course, when she became my Judge she was firm, fair and dedicated to her position. I also witnessed her work as an attorney, when she represented one of my relatives. She went above and beyond for this family court issue. Victoria B Campbell is the best candidate for the Orange County Family Court Judge and will have my support this September in the Independence and Green Party primaries and again in the November elections!

Edwina E Wulff
Retired Chief Clerk City Court of Port Jervis
(August 31)


Larkin, Dubaldi and the Cookie Jar!!

It’s refreshing that Senator Bill Larkin has broken silence on irregularities with campaign funds at the hands of Mr. Carmen Dubaldi.  The situation brings up concerns surrounding those past and present elected officials whom Mr. Dubaldi managed campaign funds for that included former County Executive Ed Diana, County Clerk Annie Rabbitt and County Legislature Chairman Steve Brescia.  These folks paid this individual tens of thousands of dollars over the years as a “consultant” and “aide”.   These discrepancies in various campaign transactions and expenses, currently being investigated, was not mere chump change moving around. With several staff and campaign aides, aligned with these public official, these curious financial anomalies should have raised a red flag much sooner.  This does bring up concerns as to the abilities of some of these elected officials in the areas of fiscal responsibility and judgment.   For many years Mr. Dubaldi worked on the campaigns of these folks who preached their own prowess in being fiscally responsible and able to make good judgements when it comes to our tax dollars.  While certain records may indicate success in some fiscal initiatives, questions around the “ability” of these elected officials when it comes to judgement of character is in serious question. 

The public should not forget, and be very aware, that Mr. Dubaldi has allegedly been associated with many political smear campaigns in New Windsor politics and the region for many years.  Our elected officials who were paying him seemed to have looked the other way as he engaged in many questionable tactics.  Let’s hope the investigation answers many questions and also discloses any other hands that may have been in the cookie jar!

Stephen L. Krasner
Town of Newburgh
(August 31)


Praises Putnam Golf Course

I have been playing golf at Putnam Golf Course for the past 40 years and this year surpassed and exceeded all others. I had been a member of Branton Woods but then opted for a public course because my friends were not able to afford a private country club.

I have brought 3 or 4 foursomes to Putnam regularly this season and I can truthfully say that the conditions of the course equal that of a private club. For the most part, all the sand traps and greens have been outstanding. While playing, it is so encouraging to see so many people working and maintaining the course. The Club House and bar also have had so many improvements. The Pro Shop is first rate and truly professional.

Jim Woods, the new golf pro, has upgraded the course in the past two years with all the improvements that he has overseen. The tee times have been on schedule and the rangers see to it that the pace of place is a reasonable one. Jim’s leadership and example is evident in the professionalism that all the employees exemplify.

It has been a wonderful golf experience this year.

Jerry Horowitz
(August 31)



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