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Who are we?

MidHudsonNews.Com is a division of Statewide News Network, Inc., a privately-owned corporation in Middletown, NY.

Contact information:

42 Marcy Lane
Middletown NY 10941

Newsroom: 845.695.2923
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Email: news@midhudsonnews.com

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Our goal

We bring several decades of journalism experience and knowledge together to present a unique new approach to covering the events of the Hudson Valley.

Our goal is to accurately report what is happening in our area, and give our readers some sense of why it is important. We strive, first and foremost, for accuracy in our reporting.

We also invite you to visit our many feature pages covering people, places and events that we hope you will find of interest. The Hudson Valley is a vibrant, exciting place to work and live.

We update our news each morning, Monday through Saturday. Important breaking news stories are published as soon as we are confident of our information.


Created in January, 2000, by Hank Gross, a veteran radio and print journalist with 47 years experience covering the people and events of the Hudson Valley.

A profile of Gross and MidHudsonNews.Com appeared in a recent issue of Hudson Valley Business Journal.



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