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Chabad’s Women’s Circle create baskets for mothers in need

CHESTER (January 29) - Chabad’s Jewish Women’s Circle, led by Chana Burston, recently hosted a unique workshop: What Your Personality Says About You and Who You Can Become with local psychology professor Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein of Monroe.  An evening highlight was assembling baskets for New Mothers in Need which will be delivered to local hospitals, in conjunction with "It Takes A Village" – a new project pioneered by Dr. Kalkstein.  

"It Takes a Village" is an organization devoted to supporting new moms raise educated, happy children.   Participants were asked to bring letters of encouragement to the new mothers, new or gently used children's books and new cosmetics. 

The Jewish Women’s Circle had the honor or packing the first 20 bags of the 200 Kalkstein has set as the goal.  Kalkstein writes on the Facebook page of  “It Takes a Village”:

(contributed photo)

The Jewish Women’s Circle provides the opportunity for women from throughout the county to relax and socialize while exploring both the physical and mystical aspects of their heritage.  Through innovative workshops, lectures and creative activates, contemporary issues are explored.  For more info call 845-782-2770, visit



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