November 28, 2008

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Jewish hostage had ties to Hudson Valley

KIRYAS JOEL– One of the Jewish hostages held at the Chabad Center by terrorists in Mumbai, India had ties to the Hudson Valley.

The brother of Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum’s son-in-law is reported to have been among those killed by the terrorists, although no formal confirmation has been made. Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum is the spritual leader of the Satmar sect, which includes the Village of Kiryas Joel.

Rabbi Leibish Teitenbaum from Israel was in the Chabad Center. His brother, Rabbi Baruch Teitelbaum, lives in Kiryas Joel and is the son-in-law of the grand rabbi.

Five hostages are reported to have been killed in the Chabad House including the young rabbi and his wife, who ran the center.

Rabbi Pesach Burston, leader of Orange County Chabad, said the attack in India was not just against those Jews who were killed, but against world Jewry. “The only way we can combat this terrible darkness of people fighting us is by increasing light,” he said. “You can’t get rid of darkness in any other way than increasing the light.”

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