Friday, March 15, 2019



Smoke but no fire at the CIA

Firefighters checkout the scene to confirm there was no fire

HYDE PARK – Firefighters from several departments responded to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park on Thursday morning because several buildings filled with smoke and the scent of burning wires was in the air.

The reports of the fire were unfounded. The smoke conditions were caused by a major electrical issue stemming from a tree that had brought power lines down on Route 9 near the former Hudson River Psychiatric Center. 

Power lines had hit the pavement in a few spots causing the asphalt to smolder and a partial loss of power at the CIA.  As a result of losing one of the three-phase system, electricity back-fed the school's power grid causing a transformer to overheat and burn out, according to Roosevelt Fire District Chief Lew Darrow.

Students, faculty, and staff were all evacuated while first-responders inspected the dormitories and other buildings where the smoke conditions existed.         

Assisting the Roosevelt FD were the Poughkeepsie and Fairview fire departments along with several members of the New York State Bureau of Fire, Dutchess County Emergency Response, and Central Hudson Gas & Electric.  When the first responders determined that no threat existed, the scene was turned over to Central Hudson and the school's staff.

Central Hudson and Fairview Fire Department continued to operate at the scene of the downed power lines on Route 9, south of the Culinary's main entrance.

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