Thursday, March 7, 2019




Sidewalk mailboxes have new look

"Theftproof" mailboox

TOWN OF WALLKILL – Those blue US Postal Service mailboxes on sidewalks and in front of businesses have a new look.

Little by little, the postal service is replacing the old ones with the flip-down hatch large enough to place a package inside with new ones that have just a slot large enough only for First Class letters.

The change stems from the thefts of mail where crooks were fishing out envelopes through the larger hatches and stealing checks, cash and other valuables.

Postal Inspection Service spokeswoman Donna Harris said mail thefts have been working their way up the Hudson Valley.

“We have had other arrests in different counties,” Harris said. “This crime started in the Bronx and it spread. So as we replace boxes in one area, we saw that it was spreading to other areas. When we realized that, we started deploying the boxes in other areas based on trend data that we received from complaints, from arrests, things of that nature.”

The new “Cadillac” of mailboxes is seen as virtually theft-proof and are replacing the older ones.


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