Thursday, February 21, 2019




Green Light legislation wins support of Middletown lawmakers

MIDDLETOWN – The Middletown Common Council has unanimously supported proposed Green Light legislation that would allow anyone in New York – including undocumented immigrants who pass a driving test – to obtain a driver’s license.

Middletown Council President Miguel Rodrigues said the proposal, which the governor has promised to sign if the state legislature approves it, would be beneficial for all.

“The reason why we support is was, one, accountability; police departments are always pulling people over that are not licensed, not insured, and two, it also assures people that they get their license; it benefits the state because we figure in the region it will be about $6 million revenue, but it’s also accountability,” Rodrigues said. “They will be insured, they will be licensed and I think it’s a great thing for everyone.”

Other municipalities in the Hudson Valley have adopted similar resolutions.

The group Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson spearheaded the local movement to gain support.

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