Wednesday, May 16, 2018



Two calves take up residence at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary


HIGH FALLS – Two baby male calves rescued from a large-scale dairy farm near Syracuse will be living at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary after being rescued by the agency.

The calves, Woody and Colin, come from a dairy farm that holds 2,000 cows, all of which must be pregnant once a year to have a baby and produce mil. Fifteen are born daily and are taken from their mothers to the mothers can be milked for human consumption.

The farm sanctuary said baby male calves are subject to “terrible treatment” including separation from their mothers, being sent to auction when born, killed outright, or kept alive for a short period of time until slaughtered for veal.

The two calves, which are at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital receiving care for dehydration and Salmonella, were expected to come home to the sanctuary today (Wednesday).

They will be in isolation at the sanctuary and bottle fed by staff until given a clean bill of health. They will then be part of the cow heard at the sanctuary where they will live out their lives.


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