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More coyote attacks prompt the hiring of a trapper

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON – Following Wednesday night’s attacks by coyotes in Hastings-on-Hudson and Yonkers where three people were bitten and a dog was killed, and additional attacks on Thursday, a professional trapper has been hired to catch any additional coyotes in the Village of Hastings-on-Hudson.

Mayor Peer Swiderski, Friday, announced the village is going to hire a professional to trap and destroy any coyotes captured in the Hillside Woods area over the next two weeks.

Following Wednesday’s initial attacks, there were five more attacks in Greenburgh and Yonkers on Thursday. Two coyotes were pursued by Westchester County and Yonkers Police. A county officer was bitten by a coyote as it lunged out of the brush and it was then destroyed. The other coyote remains at large.

Swiderski said rabies may be responsible for the attacks, but since they cannot be certain that the attacking animal is dead and that other animals recently infected may still be dormant and may become aggressive later, “we must continue to act defensively for at least the next two weeks,” he said.

Village parks will remain closed during the next two weeks while the trapper is active. “You let your animals roam free at your own pet’s peril – we cannot be held responsible of a pet dog or cat is ensnared during the emergency,” Swiderski said. “I would strongly advise, once the emergency passes and the woods are reopened, that dog walkers keep their dogs on leash moving forward.”


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