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Funny money scams local businesses

One of several fake Franklins found in Putnam

CARMEL – It may be the “most wonderful time of the year,” but with shoppers flocking to area stores and clerks behind the counter often frazzled by crowds waiting to pay their bills, a number of unscrupulous characters have been cleaning up in recent weeks by passing counterfeit $100 bills.

Carmel Police have investigated a number of cases while authorities in Yorktown say the ‘funny money’ has been accepted by clerks at a number of stores at the Jefferson Valley Mall.

The owner of a card and gift shop in Mahopac was one of the recent victims. “A young man came in and purchased a pair of slippers for $9 telling me the gift was for his grandmother. The $100 bill he handed me seemed to be legitimate since it passed the pen test but after he left the store I held the bill up to the light and the drawing of Ben Franklin was skewed.”

The woman contacted Carmel Police, who confiscated the phony bill.

A merchant in the Putnam Plaza experienced a similar scenario when a phony $100 bill was used to purchase $7.50 worth of merchandise.

A Carmel woman was also victimized while selling her original artistic boxes at a holiday crafts fair in Philadelphia last week.

“We were busy when a woman handed me a $100 bill to purchase $35 worth of merchandise. I gave the bill to my teenage daughter who was helping me and asked her to give the woman change. Not only am I out $65 but the merchandise as well,” she said.

Carmel Police said the ‘funny money’ has been consisting of more than $100 bills. “We are investigating several reports of phony $20 bills as well,” said Chief Michael Cazzari.


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