Thursday, December 6, 2018




Middletown hires Geese Police again

MIDDLETOWN – Parks in Middletown are overrun with Canada Geese each year and once again the city is going to hire the Tri-State Geese Police to keep the birds away.

City Parks and Recreation Superintendent Christine Brinkerhoff said trained border collies do the job of herding the birds away from the parks.

“They have been very successful for us,” Brinkerhoff said. “It does cost a little bit of money; they have dropped their cost $50 a week and the Davidge Park expansion will also cover at no additional cost to us. It’s working; it’s definitely keeping our parks cleaner.”

The large numbers of geese in the parks have created a public nuisance with all of their droppings.

The company will charge the city $350 a week to use their dogs in Watts Memorial Park, Maple Hill Park and Fancher Davidge Park.


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