October 12, 2017




Cleanup completed at Kingston brownfield site

KINGSTON – The Kingston Gas Works site on North Street in Kingston has been remediated to address contamination.  The cleanup was performed by Central Hudson Gas and Electric with oversight by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

The 1.6-acre site is a former manufactured gas plant that operated from the 1890s to 1958. Coal tar is a byproduct of the process.

The site currently operates as a natural gas regulator station and gravel storage area with limited site access. It is in the Rondout Creek Zoning District, which allows for restricted residential use, but is grandfathered as a pre-existing industrial use.

The property is bordered on the north by a former scrap yard – B. Millens Sons, Inc., to the east by an access road off East Strand Street, and to the south by Rondout Creek, and to the west by a former fuel oil tank farm (KOSCO).

The remediation included excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil on both on-site and off-site locations to an approximate depth of four feet below grade surface.

Solidification of coal tar was performed on contaminated soils in deeper areas on- and off-site. Clean soil was imported to backfill the site to existing grades. A cover system was installed with a new permanent sheet pile bulkhead wall along the existing bulkhead.

Dredging and off-site disposal of contaminated sediment was performed and where dredging could not be safely performed near the natural gas pipeline crossing in the Rondout Creek, a cap was installed over coal tar contaminated sediments.

Coal tar collection wells were installed in areas not accessible due to underground utilities. They will monitor and remove potentially mobile coal far from the subsurface.

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