Thursday, March 23, 2017




Riverkeeper opposes idea of gas-fired power plant at Indian Point

BUCHANAN – Despite suggestions that a natural gas-fired power plant at or near the Indian point nuclear power plant could be a viable alternative energy supply, Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay has rejected the idea.

There is a proposal to enlarge the Algonquin natural gas pipeline that runs near Indian Point.

Gallay said his group’s research has shown that Indian Point’s power “can and must be replaced with a portfolio of energy efficiency and clean energy resources: renewable resources such as wind, hydroelectric and solar.”

He discounted a proposal to put natural gas power on or near the current Indian Point site. “There is no need for ‘Indian Point 2.0,’ he wrote in a recent blog.

“It would add untold, unnecessary risk to the already extremely dangerous mix of a high-volume natural gas pipeline and 2,000 tons of highly-radioactive nuclear waste by the banks of the Hudson River and within 50 miles of 19 million people,” Gallay wrote.  “New York can rely on energy efficiency and renewable energy to replace Indian Point’s power. All we have to do is take advantage of a broad range of tools and technologies already available to us, right now.”


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