December 28
, 2017




Port Jervis budget passes on second try

PORT JERVIS – Two council members changed their vote from last week, when the proposed 2018 Port Jervis city budget failed to pass.  It was adopted on a 6-3 vote last night, with no changes to the budget itself from the previous meeting.

The votes that changed from ‘no’ to a reluctant ‘yes’ this time were Gina Fitzpatrick, and Lisa Randazzo who said it became clear there would be no compromise that could reduce the tax levy. 

Maria Mann wasn’t changing her vote.

 “I’m still voting ‘no’ because no changes or compromises were made,” Mann said.

Kristin Trovei, who voted ‘yes’ was clearly opting for a lesser of evils.

 “An eleven percent contingency would be worse,” Trovei proclaimed.

Mayor Kelly Decker repeated the points me made last week, that there are two issues, one of them an old habit that has haunted, from time to time, other municipalities, notably Poughkeepsie which raised taxes over 16 percent in that city’s 2017 budget.

Nothing that drastic for Port Jervis, but the mayor said bad habits can lead to bad consequences

“There were eight years there were zero percent or less than zero percent increases in the city,” Decker said.  “That is a compounding factor that adds on every year that you take away from the fund balance.  It also adds on.  So I think that the council did a decent job in what they had in front of them.  Moving forward this year, we do run into the contracts with our, both of our major unions.”

The final budget increases the tax levy 8.1 percent for 2018.


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