December 2, 2017




Appeals court upholds drug conviction of Kingston man

KINGSTON – A Kingston man, who was convicted of drug sales and sentenced to 13 years in state prison will be staying there as the Appellate Division, Third Department of State Supreme Court has affirmed his October 2014 conviction.

Stephen Brooks, also known as “Lay Low,” was found guilty in Ulster County Court of two counts each of criminal sale and possession of a controlled substance, all as felonies.

The conviction stems from two separate drug sales on November 9, 2013 in which he sold crack cocaine to a confidential informant who was a go-between to a Kingston police officer.

Brooks is a second felony offender with a prior violent felony conviction.

On appeal he challenged the court’s ruling that allowed the prosecutor to introduce evidence that the confidential informant had made drug sales on his behalf in 2005 and 2013. He also argued the court erred in refusing to disqualify the district attorney’s office and he maintained he was subjected to an illegal warrantless arrest in the hotel room where he had a legitimate expectation of privacy.

The appellate court rejected all claims.

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