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Port Jervis may annex 110 acres of Deerpark land

Map shows some of the area to be annexed, near Tri-States

PORT JERVIS – Leaders in the City of Port Jervis and Town of Deerpark have come up with a plan for the city to annex 110 acres of town land for future commercial development.

The initial agreement was discussed Monday evening at a joint meeting of the city council and town board.

Port Jervis Mayor Kelly Decker said the arrangement, which must first be approved by both boards following a public hearing on May 15, would be beneficial for both municipalities.

“The benefit to the city is commercial and industrial development, the taxes that come along with that, the sales tax revenue that will come along with that, plus we get full water and sewer,” Decker said. “The benefit to the Town of Deerpark is in perpetuity we are going to share the local property tax.”

One segment of the the land under consideration is near the Tri-States section of the city. It includes the Dick’s property and land between Routes 15 (E. Main extension) and 16 (South Maple Avenue). Current property owners would retain the land and lease it.

There has been some interest in land already and Decker said the city is working with the Orange County Partnership and the Accelerator to attract tenants.


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