Friday, December 16, 2016




NRC panel rejects petition on proposed transfer of IP decommissioning trust funds

BUCHANAN – The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board has rejected a petition filed on behalf of seven watchdog groups seeking a hearing on the proposed transfer of the decommissioning trust funds for the Indian Point 3 nuclear power plant.

Several years ago when the New York Power Authority sold the plant to Entergy, the current owner, the decommissioning fund remained with the Power Authority. Now Entergy wants to transfer over the $643 million fund.

The watchdog groups sought a hearing on the proposed transfer, but NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said that was rejected.

“A three-judge panel, it’s part of the NRC, called the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, reviewed the hearing request and found that, A, the groups did not establish standing according to the requirements, and B, they failed to articulate a specific contention or contentions as to why this transfer should not take place,” Sheehan said.

The NRC proceedings will now continue to determine if the decommissioning trust fund should be transferred to Entergy for both Indian Point 3 and the FitzPatrick nuclear plant.


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