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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree finds new homes in Newburgh, literally

Homeowner Ricardo holds up the keys on the porch with his family and Nancy Puchalski and
Al Asendorf, who donated the tree

NEWBURGH – The tree that delighted hundreds of thousands of visitors to Rockefeller Center a year ago, had its roots in the Hudson Valley, and to the valley, it returned.

Habitat for Humanity Newburgh Executive Director Cathy Collins noted during a Ribbon cutting for two new homes on Saturday that the tree was donated by a Gardiner family.

Today is extra special, though, because these two homes have lumber from the 2015 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, so, it’s the only reason why everyone would stand out here in this cold today.”

This makes three adjacent houses on Miller Street. The middle house was dedicated last month. Two more houses on Miller Street will be finished in 2017. Four houses are nearing completion on nearby Ann Street.

Williams Street is the next target area in their Five-Year Plan.

The two dedicated on Saturday are their homes number 84 and 85 since Habit began in Newburgh.

Collins said especially since doing a couple of blocks on Parmenter Street in the past few years, they are seeing a nuclear reaction of sorts.

“And that I think is where I personally get some tremendous satisfaction because of what we did on East Parmenter Street, we’ve seen new businesses come in, on Liberty Street. We saw a private developer do luxury apartments just up the street on Washington. Somebody else is coming in to do passive housing just down the street

Collings said if Habitat Newburgh has a bright future, it’s because they continue to donors and volunteers who support their work.


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