May 19, 2015

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NRC conducts inspection of leaking water at Indian Point after transformer fire

BUCHANAN – A team of inspectors from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is at the Indian Point power plant seeking to better understand the presence of water in an electrical supply room at unit 3 following the transformer failure at the site on May 9.

The room in question contains electrical equipment that provides power to plant safety systems.

None of the electrical equipment became wet or had any damage or failures from the water, regional NRC Administrator Daniel Dorman said. But the inspectors will be gathering information on how the water accumulated in the room and any potential for impacts that there been a significantly larger amount of water.

NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said about three inches of water accumulated on the floor.

Entergy, meanwhile, said that following activation of the fire-fighting sprinkler system during the transformer fire, “operators identified a small amount of water on a floor, and were prepared to take steps to mitigate it prior to the water quickly receding.”

An Entergy statement on Tuesday said by design, a small amount of water from the sprinkler system flows to a floor drain inside the building. “Due to multiple sprinkler systems activating for this event, the water did not drain as quickly as expected.”

The company said their own engineers are continuing to investigate the issue and will work with the NRC to take any appropriate action.


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