March 14, 2015

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Wallkill’s red light camera plan moves forward

TOWN OF WALLKILL – A plan to install red light cameras at key intersections along busy Route 211 in the shopping center district of the Town of Wallkill appears to be moving forward.  Most of those who spoke about the cameras at a Thursday public session were in favor of them.

Town Supervisor Daniel Depew said on Friday the plan is likely to go ahead.

“I believe we are in the direction now where we are definitely going to ask for at least two intersections to be cameraed, but at this point, we are still listening to what folks have to say,” he said.

The two leading contenders for cameras are at the light at the Walmart plaza and the You You Restaurant, and at Tower Drive and the Galleria at Crystal Run.

The town would need the approval of the state legislature and governor to install those cameras, which would be aimed at catching and fining motorists who run red lights.


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