January 18, 2015

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Red-light traffic tickets start being mailed

MOUNT VERNON – The 30-day warning phase in the new Mount Vernon red-light camera program has ended and motorists who run red lights will start getting $50 fines in the mail.

Nine cameras are installed and operating 24 hours per day. The system is triggered when an entire vehicle crosses the line of demarcation after the traffic light is red. Two photographs of the rear of the car are taken along with a brief video of the event.

Tickets will be issued to the vehicle owner, but points will not be assessed against their driver’s license.

“Our single intention with this program is to improve the safety of our streets. Every time a driver runs a red light, the possibility increases for a severe T-bone crash to occur, causing injury or death to the red-light runner and the innocent people crossing the intersection,” said Commissioner Terrance Raynor. “Just as drivers adjust their behavior in the presence of a police officer, they will do the same with red-light safety cameras. The cameras will definitely help change driver behavior.”

The cameras are located at East Lincoln Avenue and Darwood Place/Sheridan; South Columbus Avenue/state Route 22 and Third Street/ MLK Boulevard; East Sanford Boulevard and South Fulton; and East Sanford Boulevard and Garden Avenue.

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