April 30, 2015

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Certified NRA handgun instructor files suit against Orange County Sheriff’s Office

GOSHEN – A handgun safety program implemented by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office this year is being challenged in a State Supreme Court lawsuit filed by National Rifle Association pistol safety instructor George Rogero of Blooming Grove.

The sheriff’s office is trying to replace him and other certified instructors with its own list of their people, Rogero charged.

“Starting the first of the year, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department implemented a new program where they are certifying instructors and telling them exactly what they can teach in the class,” Rogero said. “Unfortunately, New York State law doesn’t give the local sheriff’s department the ability to make up any of these rules and regulations and that’s why I filed the lawsuit.”

Rogero maintains that because he voiced his opposition to the program, he has been kept off the list of approved instructors and he has taught as many as 300 students each year.

While he said he has always supported the sheriff’s office, “in this case they have grossly overstepped their legal authority.”

Rogero operates, a firearms safety site.


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