May 14, 2014

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NAACP urges residents to vote in school board elections

NEWBURGH – School board elections around the region will be held on May 20.

While the NAACP does not endorse specific candidates, it does promote registration and voting.

In the Enlarged Newburgh City School District, there are four open school board seats with 12 candidates.

That large number of hopefuls, which includes four African-Americans, indicates a great deal of interest in the future of the children, said Chester Johnson, the Newburgh/Highland Falls NAACP president.

“We are looking for a change,” Johnson said. “The school board is making a disservice to our children, as far as I am concerned.”

“That’s an awful lot of kids to lose,” said Johnson, pointing to some 300 students a year who drop out of school.

In order for children to have a future, they need an education, Johnson said.


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