January 10, 2014

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Million dollar lottery winners introduced

Albert and Johanna Schmidt of Harriman, center, hold a jumbo
size check for their winnings

FISHKILL – Four lucky winners were presented with $1 million prizes during a ceremony in Fishkill hosted by the New York State Lottery’s Yolanda Vega and John Schnurr.

One winner, Albert Schmidt, has plans, thanks to his son Brian, for a portion of his new found fortune.

“Oh, he’s got me skydiving, you know, so he and I are going to go skydiving and if that doesn’t work out then they’ll split it three ways!” Vega laughed and said, “Here’s hoping they don’t have to split it three ways.”

The other three winners were Elizabeth Kennedy, 32, of Peekskill, who plans to use her winnings to pay off bills and move to another part of the state, Eileen Charles, 41, of Stony Point, who opted to use her winnings to save for the future, as well as, purchasing a new Range Rover and tickets to see the band “One Direction,” which is her daughter’s favorite group, and Robert Moorefield, 71, who plans to invest the money for his granddaughter’s education and to remodel his home.                     


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