January 6, 2014

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Pratt & Whitney to expand Wallkill operations

TOWN OF WALLKILL – Pratt & Whitney, the designer, manufacturer and servicer of engine and propulsion systems, is going to expand its operations in the Town of Wallkill by investing $140 million and doubling its workforce.

The company, which currently has its Advanced Coating Technology subsidiary on Tower Drive, will be purchase a 71,500 square foot building nearby and transform it to perform a new, proprietary engine blade coating process that gives engines added life, less wear, and better efficiencies.

The company’s current division has 95 workers and the new project is expected to add 100 advanced manufacturing jobs.

Wallkill Town Supervisor Daniel Depew said the company chose Orange County over other states for specific reasons.

“They were very pleased and felt welcomed here more so than any of the other locations. They actually felt that we really wanted them here and that they would have partners as they continue to grow and develop,” he said.

Orange County Partnership President Maureen Halahan said this could provide jobs for the skilled workforce in the county. “It’s not surprising that people will drive 45 minutes to an hour to work in this type of industry; they are high-end, high paying jobs, but don’t underestimate the depth and breadth of the educated workforce that we have here now that is commuting outside of here to go get great jobs. So there may be some real opportunities for people to work a little closer to home because of this,” she said.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said this announcement will be the first of several this year. “I think that by the end of January we will be announcing at least a few other companies that are coming down the line. We have had economic development meetings literally every day since election day,” he said. “It has been my two priorities – getting the reins on the budget and building up the economy.”

The state’s Empire State Development Corporation offered the company a $900,000 capital grant and up to $1.6 million Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits, both tied to job creation and investment commitments, as well as other incentives.




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