December 3, 2014

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Woman charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty

CORNWALL – A New York City woman, who owns a house on Route 32 in Cornwall, was charged Tuesday evening with 20 counts of failure to provide proper sustenance and food to eight dogs and six cats she had cooped up in the old house.

The Hudson Valley SPCA cited Mathea Rubin on the charges after the agency’s chief humane law enforcement officer Gene Hecht inspected the building.

“The house has no heat, water, electricity for at least two years,” Hecht said. “The house is covered with saw dust on the floors, probably six to eight inches thick, to absorb the urine and feces.”

The woman claims to travel to Orange County once to twice a week to feed the animals.

Hecht said two of the dogs were removed to her daughter’s residence and two of the cats were killed last week by one of the dogs.

Filthy cage found in Rubin's Cornwall house
(photo: Jim Lennon)


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