November 18, 2013

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Gallo explains flooding task force report, implications

Rosenberg and Dunwell listen as Gallo, right, discusses the plan

KINGSTON – Kingston’s $100 million downtown district is gearing up for some new weatherproofing – 21st Century style. The Tidal Waterfront Flooding Task Force’s final report was discussed Monday at City Hall.

Mayor Shayne Gallo was joined by Scenic Hudson Senior Vice President Steven Rosenberg, and state DEC Hudson River Estuary Coordinator Frances Dunwell. Both agencies assisted the city in funding the study, “Planning for Rising Waters.”

“You have a commercial, recreational and quality of life component, which this task force was seeking to come up with ideas and programs to mitigate the rising level of the creek in the river, due to these crazy, kooky storms, which aren’t every hundred years, but seem to be in some instances twice in one year,” Gallo explained.

The report recommends mitigating sewage and stormwater runoff through innovating long-term planning. It also suggests smart development to prevent expensive improvements from getting washed out by future storms. The full report can be viewed at .

The report was adopted unanimously by the common council last week.

“We can address the changes that are happening around us, help people understand the scale,” Dunwell said. The Hudson River has risen one foot in the past century, six inches since the 1960s, she noted. “Sea level rise is accelerating, and cities along the Hudson are seeing more floods.”

Kingston is the first to adopt this model of approach, Dunwell said. “We can see how destructive nature can be, if we don’t recognize the forces of wind and tide.”


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