November 15, 2013

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Stewart Guard’s new simulator ready to fly

Ceremonial ribbon cutting on Thursday

TOWN OF NEWBURGH – The sky’s the limit with the 105th Airlift Wing’s new C-17 simulator training facility at Stewart Air National Guard Base near Newburgh.

Thursday was the grand opening of the facility. It replaces the old C-5 simulator that was used as a training tool when a fleet of those Vietnam era cargo jets were based there.

The simulator will run two to three simulations per day, approximately 150 people training on it between pilots, load masters and maintenance. The simulator will instruct pilots, loadmasters, and maintenance technicians how run routine operations as well as how to handle problem situations.

“But what the simulator allows you to do is practice for the unexpected,” said Colonel Matthew Godfrey, the 105th’s vice commander.   “The airplane is a machine; machines break, and this allows the crews to train and practice running all their emergencies and abnormal procedures. So should those things happen in the C-17, which is a very reliable airplane, they’ll be ready to handle it”.

This simulator, built by Flight Safety, is just one of 12 in the United States, and the only one currently located on a National Guard base.  It allows the crews to practice tactical and extreme weather landings, landing with one engine, and countless other scenarios.

The C-17, fly supplies to war zones or support missions.  It is the Air Force’s most versatile airlifter, capable of landing on dirt runways and in places where the C-5 could not.  it does things that no other airplane this county has had can do.

“To be selected as the base to operate the airplane was a huge Hudson Valley win for us,” Godfrey said.

The base used to operate the C-5 which was phased out several years ago.

The community got behind the effort to bring the C-17 to Stewart, State Senator Larkin said.


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