November 2, 2013

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Orange County Executive Diana admitted for liver transplant

NEW YORK – Orange County Edward Diana was admitted to New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center for liver transplant surgery on Saturday. The County Executive announced in November 2012 that he was suffering from a condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and had been placed on the liver transplant waiting list.

The surgery is expected to take eight to 12 hours and has an outstanding prognosis for full recovery.  Following the procedure, Diana will spend several days in the hospital and then six to eight weeks at home to recuperate.

“New York-Presbyterian Columbia Medical is one of the finest hospitals in the nation for liver transplant surgery,” said Diana.  “I am fortunate to have such an outstanding medical team working on my behalf to return me to full health.  I am grateful for the commitment and dedication from an outstanding County Government team that will ensure that the needs of our residents continue to be met in a timely fashion,” added Diana. “A knowledgeable and experienced team is in place in the County Executive’s Office to ensure that the work of this Office carries on without skipping a beat during my recovery. Thanks to technology, I will maintain regular communication with my office and County departments as soon as my doctors give me the go-ahead.”   

New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center’s Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation has performed more than 1,000 liver transplants and cared for thousands of patients with liver disease.

Diana, accompanied by daughter and wife, announced almost a year ago that he was on a waitlist for a new liver

With 12 months to prepare for this day, County Government and the County Executive's Office, in particular, are well prepared for this transition period. During the County Executive's recovery, Acting Deputy County Executive Steven M. Gross will assume the responsibilities of County Executive until Diana receives clearance from his physicians to return to the office.

“I deeply appreciate the many encouraging words and prayers that have been extended to me and my family as we’ve been going through the liver transplant process,” Diana said.  “The support has been truly heart-warming,”

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