May 30, 2013

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3D technology cluster created at SUNY New Paltz

Eldridge, Christian and Ulster County Executive Michael Hein
discuss the 3D cluster

NEW PALTZ – The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation assembled key business leaders, community members, educational partners, and public officials Thursday at the SUNY New Paltz campus to announce a $1 million investment into creating a 3D printing technology cluster in the Hudson Valley and an advanced manufacturing center at SUNY New Paltz.

President and CEO of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation Laurence Gottlieb said a reduction in the cost of 3D printing technology has led to an increase in its popularity and he believes that the Hudson Valley is poised to become a global leader in 3D printing applications.

“We feel that by investing in this technology upfront we can rapidly accelerate the growth of this industry to the benefit of all seven counties that we cover in the Hudson Valley,” he said. “In this instance we feel that there are so many people that are right on the edge of using 3D technology that we can pull these people into a cluster, offer a hub which will be SUNY New Paltz where they can learn how to use the technology, and also to allow entrepreneurs to come in and hopefully have spin-off businesses.”

As part of Thursday’s conference, HVEDC Board Member and President of Hudson River Ventures Sean Eldridge announced that he is spearheading a $1 million investment to spur this economic development and create the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz.

Some $250,000 of this investment is coming from Eldridge which Central Hudson Gas & Electric is going to match for the next three years.

“From automobile and aircraft parts to medical equipment and countless consumer products, there is no question that this technology is on the rise and that it is changing manufacturing forever. Although there is no silver bullet for economic growth in the Hudson Valley, 3D printing has tremendous potential to grow our economy, spark innovation, and create jobs,” said Eldridge.

SUNY New Paltz President Donald Christian said that as a major partner in this initiative, SUNY New Paltz will be adding certifications in 3D design and printing to its curriculum in order to provide both a workplace for the future and the workforce that will fill it.



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