May 23, 2013

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Environmental groups urge DOE to reject $100 million loan guarantee for Taylor Biomass

MONTGOMERY – A report by the nonprofit Partnership for Policy Integrity says the Taylor Biomass waste gasification plant proposed in the Town of Montgomery will have air pollution limits no better than a heavily polluting garbage incinerator.

The environmental group, along with others including NYPIRG and Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, urged the federal Department of Energy to reject a $100 million loan guarantee for the project.

“We identified significant discrepancies between how much pollution Taylor told DOE they would emit, and what Taylor’s state air permit allows,” said Mary Booth, PhD, director of the Partnership for Policy Integrity and author of the report. “Taylor repeatedly describes the facility as ‘clean’ in their loan guarantee application, but their emissions under the air permit are no better than a conventional garbage incinerator.”

Orange Environment President Michael Edelstein also called for the DOE to apply due diligence to the Taylor project. Edelstein’s group has opposed the project from its inception.

“This project is a back-door garbage incinerator dressed up as green and an impediment to implementing a sustainable zero-solid waste master plan in Orange County,” Edelstein said.


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