May 23, 2013

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Two rescued from Hudson River by member of USMA swim team

WEST POINT – Two people were rescued from the Hudson River late Wednesday night near West Point and Constitution Island by a member of the West Point Swimming Team and a friend who swam out.

Three cadet rescuers

Reports came in around 10 p.m. of two people in the river calling for help. They had been kayaking and had been stranded for hours in the river.

Cadet Sam Mo, a member of the Class of 2016, from Great Neck, New York, a member of the swim team, and a friend, swam out and stayed with the kayakers treading water for about 20 minutes until a rescue boat arrived.

Other cadets were also involved in the rescue. Cadet Daniel Bleyl, Class of 2014, from Tucson, Arizona, also jumped in the water with Cadet Mo, while Cadet Pierre Archambeau, Class of 2016, from Bacaville, California, notified emergency services about the situation. Both were also members of the Army swim team.

The cadets had heard a call for help from the direction of the river and although it was too dark to see anything, they realized someone was in the water and needed assistance. Mo and Bleyl dove in the cold, dark river and swam some 300 to 400 yards to get to the kayakers.

A powerboat operated by Dr. Pete Hanlon, the crew team officer representative, along with an assistant coach, arrived 20 minutes later to assist them to shore along with the West Point Military Police and Fire Department.

The kayakers were treated for hypothermia on the dock at West Point and transported to an area hospital for observation.

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