March 14, 2013

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Over 50 cats rescued from home of elderly woman

MAYBROOK – Over 50 cats were rescued recently by staff and volunteers of Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary and Mid-Hudson Animal Aid after both agencies received calls of an elderly woman being hospitalized and the cats being in and around her home.

The cats were trapped quickly on March 9 with 35 of then caught by noontime.

Many of the cats will need advanced medical care with a number suffering from wounds and injuries, infections and respiratory illnesses. Some of the cats were also pregnant or had recently given birth.

Both organizations will be working to ensure the cats are brought back to health.

“The folks at Mid-Hudson Animal Aid were wonderful with the cats, whether aggressive or terrified, young or old, they know how to handle and help them,” said Pets Alive Executive Director Kerry Clair. “Pets Alive has helped in many mass rescues over the years and we were able to use our experience and resources to also help the cats in this situation.”

To help the cats feel better, they were all given breakfast food names including Pancake, Links, Grits and Donut.


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