March 6, 2013

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Westchester to get a handle on misuse of prescription drugs

Ambler: “... get the drugs out of
the hands of children”

WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County Government will take a closer look into how outdated or unneeded prescription medications are disposed of.

The health department is going to survey all hospitals and nursing homes in the county to determine how they deal with the issue. An informal survey has already reflected that they dispose of the drugs properly.

Health Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler told Community Services Committee of the County Board of Legislators on Tuesday that she would like to target the disposal of prescription meds at home.

“I think the real benefit here is to be derived from the million people that live in this county; let’s clean out their medicine cabinets; let’s get these medications into an incinerator; let’s get the drugs out of the hands of the children,” Dr. Amler said.

The commissioner and lawmakers would like to embark on a public service message campaign to advise the public not to flush unwanted drugs as that could pollute the drinking water supply.


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