June 15, 2013

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Immigration reform rally in Kingston

KINGSTON - Over 100 people took the occasion of Flag Day to march through downtown Kingston Friday afternoon, in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Carrying flags of many nations, the rally culminated at Gallo Park by the Rondout Marina.

Several organizations from across the region participated in the rally which coincided with Flag Day

The event was scheduled to coincide with Flag Day, to recognize struggles by immigrants seeking full US citizenship. Father's Day on Sunday also symbolizes broken families torn by deportation policies, organizers said.

"We're really focusing on the message that this nation's history is built on immigration," said Emma Kreyche, a coordinator with the Worker Justice Center of New York. "I believe it's only fair that we continue to welcome people, so we continue to grow and be stronger."

Kreyche claimed that in the last few years, there have been deportations and families torn apart because there is no path to residency and citizenship.

"It's a tragic situation, so that's a big part of what we're trying to bring to light here today," Kreyche noted.

Tom Deely of Ulster Park spoke in Spanish and English, comparing modern immigration reform to the "golden door" referenced at the base of the Statue of Liberty, beckoning huddled masses to America's shores for opportunity.



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