June 6, 2013

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Black dirt onion farmer Pawelski honored for his advocacy

PINE ISLAND – Black dirt onion farmer Christopher Pawelski was honored Thursday by state Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt for his agricultural advocacy.

Pawelski along with his wife, Eve, have been recommended by the state to have a few words put into the history books in resolutions on behalf of Pine Island.

“ I’ve been doing this now for 17 years now as far as actively representing the area and public policy issues regarding agriculture. And agriculture is very non partisan for the most part and everyone wants to work to help the farmer. Annie has been a wonderful super friend of the farmer and has done a fantastic job,” he said.

Pawelski acknowledged those who have helped with the black dirt preservation including his wife, Rabbit and many others. Continuation of this work will help reach the goal of black dirt becoming the soil of the state, he said.

Rabbitt gives a thumbs-up honoring Pawelski and his wife, Eve, standing to her right. Other black dirt farmers joined in the tribute




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