July 2, 2013

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Crowd of over 50 fighting in Newburgh street

NEWBURGH – Two Newburgh men were arrested Saturday for charging police officers with clenched fists when the officers broke up a street fight involving over 40 people. 

The incident occurred in the area of Liberty and South streets on Saturday, June 29. Officers were able to initially break up the fight and attempted to move the crowd along.

That’s when Steven Bellamy, 21, and Donchevell Nugent, 18, continued to attempt to fight with others while they were being held back by members of the crowd.  As officers attempted to have them leave the area, they began to threaten the officers with bodily harm, broke free from the crowd and charged the officers with clenched fists.

Bellamy and Nugent were immediately arrested for disorderly conduct.

There were no injuries reported and no other arrests were made.

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