January 16, 2013

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Rockland County Legislature addresses gun violence with gun lock giveaway

NEW CITY – The Rockland County Legislature passed legislation aimed at curbing gun-related deaths by distributing gun locks to county gun owners.

The resolution, which was proposed by Legislator Ilan Schoenberger and adopted Tuesday night, was inspired by a previous program enacted in 2001 which handed out trigger locks, specialized devices primarily used to secure handguns.

According to Schoenberger, the program was so successful that every lock was given away. The new program will give out cable locks, which are structurally different from trigger locks and can be used for more than just handguns, but serve the same purpose.

“Trigger locks are mainly for pistols, firearms hand-held guns”, Schoenberger said.  “The cable locks, however, can be used not only for hand-held guns, but they can also be used for shotguns and rifles that people have in their homes.”

Sheriff Louis Falco said he has some 1,600 cable locks to give away to Rockland County residents, Schoenberger said.

The legislature approved the resolution unanimously, with Legislator Jay Hood applauding the measure by explaining a real situation where an associate’s decision to use a lock likely saved several lives when a mentally-unstable man attempted to use the weapon.

The locks were obtained through donations to the county. Legislator Edwin Day also announced the possibility of continuing programs similar to the current one with donations from a program known as Project Child Safe.


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