February 27, 2013

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Maloney tours West Point, talks sequestration

WEST POINT – If sequestration is not staved off, it will mean $92 million in cuts to the US Military Academy at West Point.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D- Cold Spring), whose district includes the academy, met with its top brass and cadets on Monday.

Maloney expressed concern about the cuts unless “a balanced approach” to the budget is applied.

“Unfortunately extremists in Congress would rather keep giving tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas and allow 1,300 furloughs at West Point and more at Stewart Air National Guard, and these are the wrong choices,” Maloney said. “We can do so much better that we have to be willing to have a balanced package and that includes closing tax loopholes like the one I mentioned, like tax cuts for big oil companies that don’t need them.”

Maloney said that “hardworking folks” like those at West Point should not be “victims to arbitrary cuts manufactured by the last Congress.”

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