February 15, 2013

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Sullivan streamlines procurement to save money and gain control

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County legislators hope a centralized contract procurement procedure will address some long-standing issues of cost control, and just plain control over who is buying what. The Government Services Committee endorsed the policy at Thursday’s monthly meeting.

Legislator Cora Edwards said “you want to be able to look at systems across departments” to make sure different departments aren’t paying different prices for the same thing.

 “We are looking for finding substantial savings across the board, whether it’s pharmaceuticals in the jail or in the adult care center.  We want to do that with services,” Edwards said.

Key to making this work will be having the Purchasing and Central Service Department maintain a database of all contracted goods and services.

Legislator Cindy Kurpil Gieger said this puts the process in one very visible place.

“In a central location where the contracts, although they will be generated by the departments, because the departments know what service providers they’re going to need or what goods and services they are going to need, but, they are going to go through the purchasing department where there will be recommendations on the contract itself, formulation of the contract itself, and then there will be a procurement and a bidding process,” Gieger said.

Gieger conceded this could create a need for an additional staffer, but she said that cost would be offset by the savings.


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