December 10, 2013

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Maloney holds immigration reform hearing

MOUNT KISCO – Everyone who attended a local hearing on immigration reform conducted by Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY18) in Mount Kisco on Monday agreed that the time is now for reform.

Maloney told those in attendance that he is committed to fixing the immigration problem on the legislative level.

“But, we will never create the kind of community we want to create unless we all work together at the local level,” he said. “We have a big legislative challenge in Washington, but we also have a human challenge and a challenge to come together as neighbors.”

Carola Bracco, the executive director of Neighbors Link Northern Westchester, said the immigrant workforce is important to the American economy.

“The Brookings Institute states that the skills brought to this country by immigrant workers compliment the skills of native born workers,” Bracco said. “This means that jobs are not taken away by immigrant workers, but rather jobs are created by immigration.”

Bedford Central School District Superintendent Dr. Jere Hochman said the district is “dedicated to insuring that every student, regardless of country of origin or immigration status, is a contributing member of our society and exemplifies the character of citizenship.”

Adrienne Viscardi, director of English as a Second Language in Bedford, implored Maloney “to share with his colleagues the urgent need for immigration reform because we need immediate action before too many opportunities are lost.”


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