April 23, 2013

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TSA holds off on allowing flyers to bring certain pocket knives on planes

WASHINGTON – Transportation Security Administration head John Pistole Monday delayed the implementation of new policy that would have allowed flyers to bring certain pocket knives on airplanes.

The policy would have applied to travelers using Westchester County and Stewart airports.

Senator Charles Schumer was one of those who vehemently opposed the move.

“By delaying this policy, the TSA is taking a solid, common sense step in the direction of safer skies,” the senator said. “This delay acknowledges that permitting knives on planes is a bad idea; now the TSA should go the rest of the way and end this flawed policy all together.”

Schumer said that there should be a full reversal of the policy and anything less “will be unsatisfactory for passengers and the hard working flight attendants, pilots, and air marshals who keep our planes safe every day.”

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