March 22, 2012

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Final results of 103rd AD race could take months

POUGHKEEPSIE – Democrat Didi Barrett may be ahead of Republican Richard Wager in the 103rd Assembly District special election, but if she maintains her lead, she won’t be seated for weeks if not months.

Absentee ballots, estimated to be as many as 1,000, must be counted – she is ahead only by 139 votes – and Dutchess County GOP Elections Commissioner Erik Haight said certifying absentee ballots won’t start for another week.

“If there are no attorneys involved and no court interaction, then we should be able to certify in a couple of weeks,” Haight said. “If lawyers do get involved for both candidates and there is court action, it could be a couple of months.”

He said it could be June before a representative is seated in the 103rd State Assembly District.


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