June 22, 2012

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Several Sullivan residents want constitutional amendment undoing Citizens United decision

Aberman: "... a huge victory for corporations
and people of great wealth ..."

MONTICELLO – The one hot item at Thursday’s monthly session of the Sullivan County Legislature wasn’t even on the agenda and hadn’t some up in committee. Several citizens came with prepared statements calling for the legislature to support a constitutional amendment undoing a U.S. Supreme Court decision critics claim gives ‘personhood’ to corporations.

Village of Liberty resident Kathie Aberman led the attack.

“This was a huge victory for corporations and people of great wealth against the interests of democracy and the American people,” Aberman said. “As a result of the ruling, ‘Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission,’ federal and state elections have become inundated with unlimited, undisclosed political donations, super PACs funded by corporations and wealthy individuals.”

Democrat Legislator Cora Edwards quickly jumped onboard, calling this one of many strategies.

“There’s campaign finance reform on the state level, national level”, she said.  “There’s a move to amend and then there’s individual bills, you know, if senators, assembly people are rallying around specific campaign finance reform.  So, this is one in a concerted effort.”

Edwards said she will carry the ball in the Sullivan County Legislature.


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