June 20, 2012

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Rockland’s financial problems are putting a strain on towns, says supervisor

CLARKSTOWN – Rockland County’s multi-million dollar deficit is taking its toll on its five towns, Clarkstown Supervisor Alexander Gromack said Tuesday night.

He told town residents that the county has already shifted $2 million of its expenses onto the town. Gromack said all of the towns are banding together.

“The Town of Clarkstown, in concert with our other four towns, are aggressively looking at our legal options and we are taking a very strong stand against what we call shifting the problem, not fixing the problem, and we are going to be trying to enlighten our residents exactly how poorly run county government is, how it will affect our future bond rating,” Gromack said.

The county has already laid off 100 employees in an effort to slash the deficit.


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