June 12, 2012

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Federally funded Fallkill Creek cleanup to begin shortly

POUGHKEEPSIE – The long awaited cleanup of the Fallkill Creek in Poughkeepsie, utilizing unemployed individuals in their late teens to early 20s, should begin in the next several days, a State Labor Department spokesman said Monday.

The program, to be operated by Nubian Directions in Poughkeepsie, will be funded with federal money channeled through the state and those summer jobs will pay $51.71 an hour, said the Labor Department’s Leo Rosales.

“It’s federal money involved, but because it is prevailing wage because it is work performed for public purpose, prevailing wage rates must be applied in these kinds of circumstances. As a result, you have to pay workers the prevailing wage rate for the locality,” Rosales said.

For the Mid-Hudson, the prevailing wage rate is $30.71 per hour with supplemental benefits of $21 per hour. Rosales noted that had the workers been members of unions, that additional $21 would go toward dues and training, but since they are not union, the summer workers will earn that total $51.71.

The program was originally going to employ 200 people, but now that has been reduced to 150.


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