July 31, 2012

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Community activists disrupt Hayworth meeting

BEACON – A handful of area residents, under the umbrella of Citizen Action of New York, showed up at Forrestal Heights senior housing in Beacon Monday where Congresswoman Nan Hayworth was addressing residents and they called for a reversal of tax cuts for the richest Americans and an increase in the minimum wage.

After the event, Willie Reed of Poughkeepsie said income taxes should be imposed equally.

“I really believe we also pay our fair share in tax, not a little tax for one and a big tax for another,” Reed said.

Yusef Belford of Community Voices Heard in Newburgh echoed those sentiments.

“Our economy is so messed up that everybody should pay their fair share,” Belford said.

But, Hayworth has a different take on the situation as she maintained her criticism of the Obama stimulus program of three years ago, which she said was a failure.

“The real stimulus is to let hard working Americans keep more dollars in their pockets; not let the federal government take more from them, but have the federal government respect them and let them benefit from what they’ve worked so hard for,” Hayworth said.

Similar events were held by Citizen Action of New York in Albany, Binghamton, New York City, and Rochester,


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